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The Value of Handmade Jewellery


In world that is increasingly fast paced, the changes in the last decade are phenomenal.

Globalisation is in full swing and gone are the days when international shipping took weeks or months – you can now receive parcels from America in less than 7 days!

Along with globalisation comes the ability to have products mass produced offshore in countries where production costs less, meaning consumers in Australia pay less than if it was made here. While we often hear about the big businesses that move offshore, like car companies and big name production and manufacturer lines, we don’t often hear about the small businesses, the little guys, the traditional craftsmen and women of the world; like seamstresses, and jewellers. If we were to take a moment to chat to our Grandmothers and Grandfathers we would find that their wedding dress, their bridesmaids dresses, and their suits were all handmade to fit the person. We would learn that a jeweller had made the wedding ring, strung the pearls, designed and hand-made the hair clasp. More often than not they would have had a lovely relationship with the craftsmen, having a very high appreciation for the product. For jewellers in particular the production of computer generated CAD design and printing has made it extremely difficult for the traditional craftsmen and women to be competitive and educate the consumer on the difference of the product and the beauty and value in handmade. With this in mind we’ve included some of our favourite pieces from Mr Miles past and present collection so that we can all appreciate the talent and skill involved in being an independent craftsmen.

Mark Miles has been a goldsmith and talented jeweller in Western Australia for over 40 years, starting out as an apprentice with his brother at just 18 years old and enjoyed the craft as a way to exercise his imagination. Over time he was able to hone in and perfect this skill.

Contact here to discuss your next hand crafted jewellery.

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